why we do this?

Why Are We Doing NFT Projects?

We are still in the infancy of the blockchain and NFT industry and believe there are many possibilities that no one knows about yet. We challenge ourselves to create products that no one in the world has ever done before. The GasMonster Project will be the first step of our NFT experimentation projects. We are looking forward to working with people who want to try out the possibilities of new technologies all in the future on this world-first initiative.

Why Are We Doing GasMonster Project?

The Gasmonster Project is the first project of its kind in the world in which NFT grows by watching your gas usage. This is an experimental project to test whether NFT, a monster that gradually grows as gas is used, is a possible solution to the problem of high gas prices. So we want to know if this idea really works, if the value of the NFT will increase as it grows, and if we can find a potential way to be one solution to the problem of high gas prices. And after the first phase, we plan to try many new things. I hope we can make it together.

Who We Are

The project is created by Consensus Base Inc. a company specializing in blockchain, founded in Japan in 2015. Currently, Consensus Base is focused solely on the NFT projects.

Hiro Shimo (Founder of GasMonster)

The CEO of this company is a programmer and a professional in this field who has been working in more than 100 blockchain businesses and developments since 2014. As a blockchain professional, he has served as a government blockchain commissioner, appeared on television, and authored nine blockchain books.

Hello everyone, we are a team of enthusiasts who on the one hand, are very passionate about the crypto industry, NFT and everything connected to it, and on the other hand, we understand that the development of these technologies at the moment, unfortunately, has a detrimental effect on nature. Yet we have no idea how to make the crypto industry benefit for the environment. However, we have several ideas on how to reduce its negative impact, and we are working on them. Specifically, on reducing the required amount of Gas for transactions, but this is a very long, technically complex work that takes years to implement. Still we want to become full-fledged participants in this wonderful cryptoworld right now, hence we have created this project where our GasMonsters are eating Gas only virtually (but this is only for now). In the future they will definitely do it in real life, we will take care of it. Therefore, we invite you on a journey with us from the very beginning, starting from an idea to the revolutionary technology. And surely in the future after the creation of the technology, every GasMonster will actually eat your Gas, thereby reducing your costs and the negative impact of the crypto world on nature. You might think, «What do these guys allow themselves? Who are they to dare and declare intention of creation of the revolutionary technology?». Now I will tell you a little about who we are. The founders of the project are the founders of the Consensus Base Inc. and here are some notable milestones in the history of this company's relations with the NFT world:

  • 2017: Tweeted as the first Non Fungible Token in the world (Hiroshi Shimo)
  • 2017: Announcement of a press release with a publicly traded company for the development of trading cards using Ethereum
  • 2018: Release of the trading card platform CryptoCards Beta
  • 2019: Start of the development of the game asset NFT issuance platform “KARUTA”
  • 2019: Jointly developed NFT sales platform
  • 2019: Start of the hands-on business creating NFTs at FLOC Smart Contracts Department
  • 2020: Start of a project with Softbank using the AvatarSystem, a 3D avatar platform using NFTs
  • 2021: Release of the 3D avatar NFT platform “AvatarSystem Beta”
  • 2021: Beginning the development of Dynamic NFT project “GasMonster”
  • 2022: “GasMonster” Launch!!

Not bad, right? And now decide for yourself, whether we have even a tiny right to aim at the creation of a revolutionary technology.

And one more thing, it’s no coincidence that you see “You” in the team list, which means that in the near future, we will have a full-fledged DAO system implemented, where exactly You will manage the project, and we will only dutifully implement the tasks you set.

And finally - Don’t waste your Gas! Grow your monsters!



Hiroshi Shimo


Max Gogh
Creator/Project Manager


Vadim Arefiev
Community manager/Chief marketer


Masahiro Okamura
Project Manager


Chronic Shah
Marketing Advisor