gasmonster anatomy

What are GasMonsters?

GasMonsters are a collection of dynamic random-generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st collection of Male Natural GasMonsters consists of randomly assembled Gasmons from over 100,000 total options with rarity of each trait. Gasmons have a variety of both hands and neck accessories, colors and backgrounds. Each GasMonster consists of a unique breed, background, weapon, necklace, accessory – the possibilities are virtually endless! All Gasmons are unique and valuable, but full robotic Gasmons are practically priceless and truly immortal, as on-chain.

How valuable is my GasMonster?

First of all your GasMonster is 1st in the World NFT with implemented the technology of counting Gas fee paid by the user's wallet after buying NFTs with help Chainlink Oracles. And this calculated Gas goes into character experience points that allow him/her to grow, in simple words, your Gasmon eats Gas that you pay for transactions and grows by leveling up, cool isn't it?

Secondly, your Gasmonster is the 1st NFT character in the world that goes through all possible phases of growth and change during its full life cycle, namely, an egg - living monster - robot monster. Definitely cool.

How does my GasMonster grow?

Your GasMonster has 7 levels of development, on each of which he visually changes and gets unique traits, and you can follow all this! Your Gasmonster will grow before your eyes like a child, going through the life cycle familiar to us from a cute baby to an all-powerful master of his own destiny.

How much Gas do I need to level-up my GasMonster?

As we mentioned above, GasMonsters are very voracious, but exactly how much Gas does it take to feed one Gasmon? See the table below

Why get a GasMonster?

Owners of the fully robotic GasMonster will receive an entrance ticket to the closed GasAlpha-community, in which, in addition to the standard benefits in the form of WL and airdrops for our future collections and the collections of our partners, all kinds of discounts and invitations, the ability to communicate directly with the creators of the project and have access to limited collections and other products that will be available only to community members, you will have the opportunity to influence the development of the project and determine its future. In the future we plan to add a huge number of unique benefits for members of our GasAlpha-community that you do not get in any other project. We plan to create a project of such a size and scale that you have not seen before, and we can only do all this together, our main goal is to embody your vision, and not impose our own, let's make GasMonster great together!

How does this system work?

This is a section for connoisseurs of new technologies and lovers of "crawl under the hood".

So how does it all happen when you want to buy a GasMonster egg or increase its level, I will try to explain in the simplest language, as far as possible when it comes to programming stuff.

After you pay for the transaction, information about it falls into our smart contract, which asks the Chainlink network to help realize what you paid for and answer what need to do that give you what are you wait, but in some cases, Chainlink cannot cope itself with the task and then it asks for our megabrain, created specifically for this project and located on our server to help with this tasks. After the task is solved, its solution comes back to our smart contract that orders our storekeepers in a decentralized warehouse to give you an up-to-date photo of your Gasmon. And all this is closely watched by Etherskan, and compiles a report on the work done for you. I hope you understand something, but if you read this and thought - "where I can see system description for 18+?" in the next section, my friend, where you can fully satisfy your hunger for technical diagrams.

Technical system diagrams